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  1. aweeee thank you so much <3333
  2. I found this image on tumblr, I have no other leads to who she is. I'm honestly just hoping that someone recognizes her.
  3. weeeeee! you're a doll, thank you so much!
  4. Sure, here you go: http://img252.imageshack.us/img252/6719/sandra10.png
  5. Vanity Fair Italia December 2010 Photographer: Chris Kraymer Models: Brian Davenport (nina's real life boyfriend) + Nina Van Bree Styled by: Hyun Kim
  6. From Cosmopolitan Nov. 2010 with Ian Somerhalder
  7. Some more from American Eagle:
  8. Can anyone help me ID this blonde Aerie (American Eagle) model?
  9. I've spent over two hours getting all the pictures from the Blush site in HQ, there are over a hundred and it was tricky because I had to go into the coding to get the proper source, they were trying to prevent people from saving the pictures, whoops
  10. Ardenes 2011 via beth studenburg's website. Feat. Ashley Perich & Lisa Ward. Male Unknown.
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