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  1. Thanks for the friend request! I try not to sound like one of those fans who think Kate could do no wrong, but I also can't stay quiet when I feel she is getting unfair flack.

  2. Thanks! Right back at you!

  3. Thanks for the bday wish!

  4. Hey,

    I was able to get someone to make the Dark Angel avatar for me. Thank you for trying to help though. I finally got my own computer glitch fixed, so I know how much of a pain it is.

  5. Thanks for the comments! You are too kind.

  6. Thanks for the birthday wish!

  7. Thank you kindly for the birthday wish! ;)

  8. Thank you so much for the birthday wish!

  9. Would you be willing to take up the challenge?::::runs away to hide::::

  10. Is it possible to make an avatar from scenes from two different videos?

  11. Yeah, I keep trying to think back and remember if any of my posts may have pissed some people off, but none come to mind. So I have no idea why my requests would be ignored. :(

  12. I'll probably be ignored again like the last time I tried to request an avatar to be made anyway. :(

  13. Oh no, I'm sorry. I just feel so bad that I keep bugging you for more and more avatars. I figured I would try giving you a break for once. You're always my number one avatar guy, but I'm afraid I might wear out my welcome if I ask again so soon.

  14. oh, sorry, the last part was talking about the scene where she is laughing in the beginning.

    Thanks for helping me out :)

  15. LOL, I know I do have a lot of avatars, huh? I think I have avatar ADD or something. I just can't stick to a theme, so I like to throw everything in, lol. That's how my myspace page used to be until I cleaned it up somewhat.

  16. I found it! Duh, the SI website, lol. I don't know why I didn't go there first. They have a video of it here http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/features/2008_swimsuit/video/marisa-miller-bodypainting.html

    I was hoping for a moving avatar of 00:31-00:38. Unless you think there is a better scene? It was a tossup between that one or the part in the beginning where she is la

  17. You know, it's too bad I can't find the VH1 segment for Maxim's Hot 100 on Youtube right now because there is one moving avatar I would love to ask you to make for me of Marisa. It's the part in the beginning where they show her on the beach in a painted bikini for SI. P.S. She has taken the lead as my fav. now. :)

  18. lol, is that because of how many I have in my signature? Or how often I change my avatar?

  19. Your avatar is gorgeous! I've never seen that pic of Marisa before.

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