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  1. everything you said was true...but in England about 34% of the people are not white.I just wish it was different.We all buy things.And if the races that are not on the runway didn't buy the clothes these designers would be poor.And The highest selling Vogue surprisingly had Liya Kebede on the cover.But the Vogue Nippon is so true. anybody else?
  2. I know there is a lot of controversy going around about this.I need to see a rainbow of colors on the runway,and I don't mean the clothes.See I'm an African-American girl who needs to see more color.I mean Blacks,Hispanics,Asians,Mediterranians,Native Americans,and Brazilians need to be on that runway.I'm tired of seeing girls that look the exact same.I don't mean kick those blondes with blue eyes of the runway.I just want it to have equal opportunities.Most people that buy Gucci,Prada,Marc Jacobs,and others are women of color.One fashion designer even said he'd rather have a runway with color.What do you think about the situation?
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