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  1. this one is from german Vogue May 2000 some more with Egorova from ebay/casa_mia_vintage
  2. Non of the two is Erin Second one is Madeleine Hjort
  3. Just change last letter "l" in image url to "x" and you will have zoomed size like this: https://www4.pictures.livingly.com/it/Christian+Dior+Fall+2004+jEpyuOGBVo0l.jpg https://www4.pictures.livingly.com/it/Christian+Dior+Fall+2004+jEpyuOGBVo0x.jpg
  4. Ariana, any chance you may have back view of this dress? She even did a full turn in the middle of the runway, but no one photographed, it seems, as I cant find it anywhere
  5. Thank you for the scans, Fahad! Was Gaultier not involved in casting for German Vogue ed at all? She was never one of his favorites and he had so many others he loved She or Sasha also had couture ed in German Vogue may 2000 ebay.de
  6. Ariana, do you have Galliano fall 1998, 1999 (2 looks) and 2003. I did not find them posted. And thank you for everything else!!!
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