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  1. I finally found out who the beautiful lady is. This picture came from the July 2021 issue of QP magazine. Her name is Julia Judy. She has her own homepage (https://www.julia-judy.com/) and an instagram account (@juliajudyy). Unfortunately, I can't find much else about her.
  2. Can anyone help me identify this stunning model, please? Her outfit is from Honey Birdette, I think.
  3. Can anyone help me identify this model, please?
  4. Thanks from me, too. @RocketQueen
  5. Maybe. At least she looks a lot like her. Thank you for your help, fletch.
  6. Can anyone help me identify this beautiful model, please?
  7. Thank you very much! It's a pity that there are not many pictures of her. She was not that famous, was she?
  8. Can anyone help me identify this model, please?
  9. I attached another picture that's somewhat bigger.
  10. Who knows the model on the Schauma shampoo bottles: https://dm.henkel-dam.com/is/image/henkel/schauma_de_relaunch_range_400x400-wcms-de?scl=1&fmt=jpg Thanks for your help!
  11. That was very fast! Thank you very much! I think that you are right!
  12. Who is this model? She appeared in a Passionata Campaign around 2006.
  13. I found out that this is a stock photo, actually. The photographer is called Irina Bogolapova (or Irina Ryabusjkina) with the alias "utka mandarinka" ("утка-мандаринка") which is Russian for "mandarin duck". Perhaps this information helps to identify the model.
  14. I found this picture on the Sassy Organics website: https://www.sassyorganics.com.au/buying/buying-guides/zuii-certified-organic-foundation-shade-finder/ But I don't believe the photo was taken exclusively for this webshop. It looks more like a stock photo. Can anyone help me identify this model, please?
  15. Who can help me to identify this model? The ad is about 10 years old. She looks somewhat familiar to me. But I do not know where I have seen her before.
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