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  1. Happy Birthday! Wojtek turns 24 today. All best wishes! instagram.com/wojtekczerski/
  2. Charlie in Winq magazine Photography by Greg Vaughan instagram.com/gmvaughan/
  3. Mauricio in Adon magazine instagram.com/adonmagazine/
  4. "Somewhere Downtown" Photography by Raen Badua Styling by James Ramos Originally published in June 2014 malemodelscene.net
  5. Sunday in the gym instagram.com/danielillescas/
  6. instagram.com/tommymarr/
  7. Xavier Serrano for Men's Health España Best Fashion Spring 2016 youtube.com
  8. Nic by Brian Jamie instagram.com/brianjamie/
  9. Behind the scenes youtube.com
  10. Bryce by Brent Weber homotography.com
  11. Update on Bryce His hometown is Honolulu, Hawaii; currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is now represented by Wilhelmina Los Angeles in addition to DNA Models in New York and Wilson Model Management. dnamodels.com
  12. Portrait in black & white by Lucas Castro Pardo Suit by J.Crew instagram.com/wojtekczerski
  13. instagram.com/demigodmodels/
  14. New digital for DNA Models (New York) Photo by Hadar Pitchon instagram.com/demigodmodels/
  15. Well now, that's a question of personal taste, isn't it, Bianca? "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and all that. And lest we forget: De gustibus non est disputandum.
  16. Pola updates soulartistmanagement.com
  17. Denis for Legend World Wide (Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina) instagram.com/denis_jovanovic/
  18. Thanks for letting me know, sanja. Can you update his agency information? I'll correct the agency listings at the top of this thread.
  19. Ride 'em cowboy! Photo by Brian Jamie instagram.com/nic_palladino10/
  20. Matheus for Bottega Veneta Hong Kong Photography by Callaghan Walsh matheushenk.tumblr.com
  21. Thank you for starting this thread, Mauikane ! What a beautiful Peruvian! Mauricio should go far in the business; I hope he gets a good agency in the US soon.
  22. Interview with Lucas in Male Model Scene The youngest model in our MODEL TALK is the promising LUCAS QUEIROZ who actually appeared in the pages of our magazine’s debut issue. We reunite with Lucas to talk about the start of his modeling career as well as role models and photo shoots. --How did your model career start? I started modeling at the end of 2014 when my agent Rodrigo Dutra discovered me on Facebook and he scheduled my photoshoot for my book and 3 months later I was in Milan. --You’ve been modeling for a while; what is the best modelling advice you could give to guys just starting out? To be focused, to not drive your attention away from the goals that you set for yourself, which is important for a model’s career because in this business it is very easy to lose yourself. --Do you have any role models? My mom and my dad and in the fashion business I look up to Brazilian top models Marlon Teixeira and Francisco Lachowski as well as legends such as Jon Kortajarena and David Gandy. --Did becoming a model change your life in any way? Whose life does not change after becoming a model? Leaving your country, your family and friends to travel all over the world by yourself, makes you learn how to be independent while getting in touch with different cultures, it is definitely a huge change. It is scary but exciting at the same time if you know what I mean. --What was your favorite shoot so far? The MMSCENE editorial, of course. Who would have thought that an editorial shot in my hometown in Brazil would end up in the first ever printed edition of an international magazine which has a huge importance in the Male Model Scene! And I have to say my next favorite might be this shoot by Leandro Ribeiro. --Do you have any interests besides modeling? Yes, quite a few. I love music, I’m a drummer; I also love history and art. --Name three places you would love to travel to. I would love to travel to Bali, California and the United Kingdom --Favorite movie? I would have to say it is The Dark Knight Trilogy. --Any guilty pleasures? Something that no one knows about you? Well, there are some things in the 50 Shades of Gray that are very interesting. I can only say that! --Five words that sum you up: Honest, nerd, focused, happy, friend. -May 4,2016 Photographer: Leandro Ribeiro All clothes by La Corte And here's the complete photo set by Leandro Ribeiro (some of these were posted separately above): malemodelscene.net
  23. Xavier is Demigodmodels Model of the Month -- May 2016 instagram.com/demigodmodels/
  24. Morning Mood: Brooklyn Capturing a moment of quiet introspection instagram.com/wojtekczerski/
  25. "Restless" by Toby Nguyen instagram.com/sean_stahlnecker/
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