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  1. Backstage at Balmain with Francisco Lachowski Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 instagram.com/demig0dm0dels/
  2. Closeup from the Ralph Lauren show Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 instagram.com/danielvanderdeen/
  3. Nic by Brian Jamie instagram.com/brianjamie/
  4. Matt for Bremont watches instagram.com/mattd_720/
  5. Sean by Marq Mendez instagram.com/sean_stahlnecker
  6. Bryce by Hadar Pitchon instagram.com/brycealakai/
  7. Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 Giorgio Armani instagram.com/xserrano9/
  8. Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 Ralph Lauren malefashiontrends.com
  9. Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 Ralph Lauren instagram.com/riverviiperi/
  10. Preview of fitness editorial instagram.com/panda_models (Panda Models is Wojtek's agency in Warsaw.)
  11. Giovanni in Cannes youtube.com/
  12. Xavier in Cannes for Dolce & Gabbana instagram.com/xserrano9/
  13. "Eastside Explorer" Casey Jackson by Jay Mathews Photography by Jay Mathews Photography Assistant: Cait McCarthy Styling by David Chavez Grooming by Dana Arcidy All clothing by Craft Atlantic thefashionisto.com
  14. Polish designer Robert Kupisz presents his Ocean 5 collection Spring/Summer 2017 at the Soho Factory in Warsaw June 2, 2016 _____________________________________________ Wojtek is 6th in line, in navy shorts and shirt (second look, above): instagram.com/wojtekczerski/ instagram.com/fleszmag/ (Flash magazine)
  15. Thanks for this reminder of Scott's inspiring (*ahem*) photo shoot (multiple shoots, in fact) for International Jock, Mauikane. I see that you've chosen one of these babies for your new avatar!
  16. Nic by Al Bruni instagram.com/albruniphoto/
  17. Mauricio by Pablo Solano instagram.com/imabadm/
  18. Miami Fashion Week at the Ice Palace Film Studios Yirko Sivirich Fashion Show June 4, 2016 instagram.com/andreluisbrunelli/
  19. Lucas models Alexander McQueen at Tatler Maserati Event Singapore, May 2016 Photography by David Tan instagram.com/qlindemberg/
  20. Photo by Brian Jamie instagram.com/nic_palladino10/
  21. tbt Throwback to the beginning of Wojtek’s career, by Polish photographer Krzysztof Wyzynski. polishmodelsblog.com
  22. And still more! malemodelscene.net See the full spread including an excellent interview at dresstokillmagazine.com
  23. Dress To Kill magazine instagram.com/chico_lachowski/
  24. Hey Whirly, Not sure which selfie you're referring to; I remember Scott's brief fling as a blond, but no underwear? Be sure to post it if you can find it!!! But meanwhile, maybe these will help you break the fever !!! instagram.com/scottmgardner1/
  25. Daan covers Client Magazine USA instagram.com/clientmagazine/
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