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  1. Martina - don't believe everything right away...remember to do your own research before following suit, especially if information is from a foreign site I would've also told you right away that it was Rupert, but others have already done so.
  2. Uh, well...I would not recommend actually sending any clothing? Haha. Even if you mean it as a nice or funny gesture, it could be regarded as strange behavior... Remember, you would be sending mail to his agency (Not him directly), which takes care of professional matters. Returning autographed mail is a separate courtesy
  3. Hahaha...just hope this doesn't start an influx of letter requests, I guess. Because if that happens then they might have agency interns start signing instead (Similar to what celebrity management does)
  4. He was just being silly there Missoni FW08 Campaign
  5. Obviously not his complete runway plan He will be in both cities, however (Save for last-minute changes)
  6. Ford Homme Paris SS09 Showcard
  7. I think you misunderstood me -- I did not mean that the sole purpose of an editorial was to market a model, I simply meant models and agencies use editorials to forward their own careers Whether he/she is already well-known or not, it's one representation that the model is still active and even in-demand. If you're just talking about the title being titled the way it was -- it's just up to the editors/photographers to do so. In this case, with Mathias being a well-known figure within the industry, I wouldn't doubt that Doingbird is simply selling itself (The magazine), and declaring that they are able to acquire stars of the industry to appear within their pages. The rest of this issue (As well as Doingbird's past issues) features more prominent female and male models, and that is simply a chosen path for the publication's image. It all shows that it has become an established name within fashion's publishing realm. If you're talking about the clothing displayed in the editorial -- it's a simple declaration of love for Paris as a fashion capital. Note the captions -- there are still notable brands being showcased. Paris is just a encompassing theme that many familiar with fashion can relate to. When I said "It's advertising Paris the city," what I implied was that the feeling that emerges as you browse through the images is nostalgia in relation to Paris...you are not really thinking about the clothes.
  8. It's advertising Paris the city, that's all... And every editorial a model produced is used to market themselves On a career standpoint for them (Not the clothing) that's pretty much the primary purpose of editorials.
  9. Doingbird scans Last four scanned by me
  10. Haha...nice wall. Marty - here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlFkb8HCLmI
  11. And HQs of Euroman Scanned by me
  12. From Doingbird Will scan HQs soon...
  13. Lol, football is not my forte at all! Well, next month is the Paris Men's Fashion week and my friend told me that it happens between mid to late June So prepare yourself, new Mathias pics are ont the way soon NEXT MONTH
  14. ^Ah I see - well it's ok! The runway shots are more widely distributed on the web anyway I have that leaflet as well, but I don't think I'm scanning it (Since we've already seen the pictures ). Hope technology stops failing on you soon!
  15. The catalog, right? I can save you some work actually - I'm already in the process of scanning it...will post on the site soon Most of the images will be reposts (Since they were already scanned as ads).
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