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  1. Time for the team to close the site down, it seems...^^;
  2. Haha! I love that this image was found (Good job)! Mathias was part of an exhibition for a cafe/bar in Copenhagen when this was taken
  3. AnOtherMan FW08 Ph. Serge Leblon: http://www.mathias-lauridsen.com/gallery/t...s.php?album=295
  4. I received my AnotherMan today, and it turns out he only has about 10 pages (Over two editorials) -- so things were definitely cut down I'll scan them later
  5. Here's the whole thing... http://www.mathias-lauridsen.com/gallery/t...s.php?album=294
  6. If an agency wants a model to convey a certain aesthetic, they strongly recommend or require that he shave/wax as to maintain that look But if you have light enough hair sometimes it's hard to tell, anyway.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3za9U-w3S3k I'll upload the better quality one later...
  8. It's just quite unfortunate that he fell from high bar -- his best event -- during the all-around. Hope he does well during event finals And you shouldn't have to worry - men's magazines across Europe and in the US usually share the same ads within, especially if it's major brands like Missoni or H&M.
  9. ^They're both Danish (And models), so they're good friends
  10. It was shown on Danish TV right after the Dansk Fashion Awards They talked about their careers a bit and how it feels to be at the top of their game That's all I remember, though...it's been a while since I last saw it.
  11. Just to clarify about AnotherMan - he's not completely by himself in all 40 pages...part of it is with other models while part of it is solo
  12. Relax... It's bi-annual so it will be on newsstands for a long time.
  13. That's why I mentioned this Wait until you see it...it's amazing. Ph. Serge Leblon. I'll scan it for the site as soon as my print copy arrives...
  14. Oh yes and I'll have to eat my earlier words -- the confusing Bruuns Bazaar image is him indeed
  15. Here you go Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4ExzDkhj-k You guys will also enjoy the upcoming issue of AnotherMan...stay tuned! ^_^
  16. I'll double check with him I guess it does seem very unlikely that Bruuns would use another model, but something about that image is very off...either due to the photo quality or just a shoddy post-production job.
  17. ^I don't believe that one is him
  18. I think they are old. It´s funny what you can find in the web if you search long enough. Yes, these are from a couple of years ago Lacoste Spain.
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