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  1. Rumor has it London knows [solo] knows everything
  2. [solo]

    Pamela Anderson

    She has awesome fake breasts. I said eyes.
  3. Rumor has it london19952001 showed her tattoos and caused Oprah to incur a $250,000 FTC fine
  4. My steel reinforced basement in Langley, VA
  5. Rumor has it London breeds exotic twins to protect the Declaration of Independence, [solo]'s eyes, and Nicolas Sarkozy's wife.
  6. Rumor has it Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky named his cat "Socks" because it rhymes with "Cocks"
  7. Rumor has it London named the last twin Knox because it rhymes with "Socks"
  8. Rumor has it Michael is my evil twin
  9. 11 pages and nobody wants to meet me! Why do you hate me, oh my children? PinkCouture Yours_Forever Alexa Marduk London Angela smgfanatic TooBuku (I need to beat him up for being a cheeky fucker) And the ones I forgot...
  10. ^ Yes, but the other one is a felony, don't talk about it
  11. ^ Sshh don't talk about it.
  12. Rumor has it Gonzalez Girl IS Katie Holmes
  13. For your PIPping pleasure, [solo] presents the One Word Story Game, 2009. We all know how it goes. Everyone continues the story by posting a single word. (I post "Once", next posts "upon", "a", "time", etc., etc.) Have fun.. ------ Once
  14. Rumor has it Gonzelaz Girl organized a jailbreak involving Aliens from Pluto and a flying red carpet
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