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  1. I want be taller than 163cm. I Hate my height!!!!
  2. http://ru.youtube.com/watch?v=4E4FoU7z75E Please! I need the name of first song!!!
  3. That is the most beautiful smile I have ever seen
  4. Oh her long beautiful hairs...
  5. have you got a pics where that made from?
  6. Her face... mmm. reminds me about somebody I know. mabye from family. I love her.
  7. Have you got a pics where Natasha in this clothes?
  8. maybe I'll tell you that someday secret
  9. I know that she's lesbian and that 99% true. Another model, who talking with freja tell me that. So it's not bad, Freja is very good and nice person, all models tell me about that
  10. Sorry, where can I download music from The Copenhagen Experience 2?
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