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  1. So the rumors are true! Remember kids, not all rumors u hear here, there are fake. Anyway kinda like this news since she'll be single again but.... how long??? Poor bastard, i never leave a woman like Adriana NEVER!!
  2. Well it's logicaly, doin shootings all day and night .. anyway i love it!
  3. Yeah and she is more engaged with the fans now, posting more on insta. actually reading the comments and responding to people and that post on instagram bout her fans having her heart and stuff.. adriana never does that like I know she appreciates her fans but she could care less about the kind of support she gets from them.. the suppercial support you get from websites like instagram. she barely ever entertains that now she is. I kinda feel like she is lonely... Say her and marko aren't doing well like any other famous celeb she is getting more involved with her fans It's the way it is. If you want to be a celebrity,this is the price you have to pay for it because, celebrities have no normal life she knows that and here are the consecuences . Also if she want to keep at the top, she needs to be more involved with the fans. Like i say if you can't stand the heat better stay out of the kitchen.This applies to her surrounding enviroment lately.
  4. I'm delighted! it's been a while since she do some intense shootings like this....PRETTY! intense for the eyes if i tell
  5. My eyes popped out of his sockets!!!!! Finest EXTREMELY finest!!!
  6. piareencina Love this one!!
  7. Happy Valentine's day for everybody , specialy to my girl up here ^ Also she return to the savage black hair tone!! I love it simply love it like everything else Thanks for the pics LE GATOR
  8. I know, i guess that's why she is anti-age lol
  9. In the last one she looks kinda tired, being a top model have some turnoffs.
  10. Absent for a couple of weeks and what i get in the entrance!!!
  11. Natural,Flawless i love this one
  12. No diamond can compare.. she is something out of this world not only me but VS knows and see that as well. That's why she still and will be permanently at the Angels Lead title and the universe
  13. I love peak-a-boo dresses! ^Amen
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