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  1. Not again.... please cuz this time won't tolerated by anybody?..... i'm at risk of ban by saying this but at this rate i don't care anymore... i'm very annoyed of having this kind of hardcore hits over and over again Since 2008.?
  2. I asked myself the same about 14 seconds ago when i put a step in here ....???
  3. Happy New 2018 full of marvelous wishes to all of you ň the entire world. Happy new year Adriana i hope you have the bettest 2018 ever. ????????????
  4. Ok thnx for the info.. how sad , the ladder pic was better than the statue one at least for me. Idk i just got that feeling.Thnx again
  5. Also hello there at ur gif avatar
  6. That Joe guy u mean, how sad guys who want something serious with her don't get any chance. ? . Like my ol man used to say , money call other money ??.
  7. Really!! what happened with that joe guy??
  8. Yes! i'm reading it , i'm gonna translate it as i finish reading. Very impressive i never expect Adriana be in a matter of this kind ?
  9. Photoshop!! Damn that was a very embarassing finale. Steve Harvey
  10. Boyfriend!!!!! It's this is a joke?? Uhhh very disturbing
  11. Exactly! also who can assure that is really Adriana posting all that pics and stuff? That's is something i have very clear, don' t believe in social networks anymore. nope
  12. No way! She' s perfect in her actual status .
  13. I love it!!!!!! this one is the bettest i've seen so far.A true masterpiece!!!
  14. Daaaamn nice dude!!!!! Marvelous work
  15. Happy birthday my sweet angel ,sorry for the 2 day late but u be in my heart always
  16. Happy mothers day Adriana enjoy your day.
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