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  1. It was restored, but unfortunately, as such
  2. This Amica shoot of page www.stephanie-seymour.de. I was in the best quality, but I lost it after the failure of my computer :evil: . Now I'm recovering. I hope for a miracle that anyone has HQ quality...
  3. Hey everybody, anyone has this in HQ or bigger size??? Please... Thanks
  4. Thanks ,Pierrehc. At me this page is lost... And Thanks for new scans :kiss: :kiss:
  5. Hi Love Helena 1991 VALENTINO_HC_SS91_Vogue_IT_ http://www.flickr.com/photos/callmewanda/s...2628522/?page=7
  6. PhilA, :heart: Super! Super! Super! THANKS million kisses for You :kiss:
  7. WOW!!! :heart: PhilA,Thanks Thanks Thanks Happy New Year
  8. Для тебя Sexy Angel. Счастливого Рождества!!! Vogue italia 1992 september
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