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  6. Robert Earl Buckley (born May 2, 1981 in Los Angeles, California) is an actor living in Los Angeles. He played two roles on MyNetworkTV's prime time dramas: photographer Michael Bauer on Fashion House and Matthew Wakefield on American Heiress. Buckley has also appeared in several independent films, including When a Killer Calls, Teenage Drama, Petrified and Robot Battle. A Southern California native, he earned an economics degree from the University of California at San Diego. He spent a year and a half working as an economic consultant, then moved to Los Angeles to pursue an entertainment career. He said that he loves to watch football. As a college student, Buckley appeared as a contestant on the Price is Right. One of his bids was for $1 less than another contestant. Bob Barker noted, "That wasn't the smartest bid he could have made." Buckley can be seen as Kirby Atwood on the NBC TV series Lipstick Jungle. After college he worked as an economic consultant for a while, but then Robert was told that he should model and act. He put in his notice at the consulting firm where he was working, moved to Los Angeles and booked his first commercial. In 2006 he starred in three movies When a Killer Calls, Petrified and Capturing Q. He then went on to star in the TV-series Fashion House, and for 65 episodes, he played the role of Michael Bauer. Michael worked at the House of Gianni, a fashion house located in Los Angeles, and he was their photographer. After Fashion House, Robert was cast in the movie Archer House. He played the role of Lance, alongside Troian Avery Bellisario and Kirstin Benson. Then he got a part in the drama series American Heiress as Matthew Wakefield, with Alicia Leigh Willis and Carter MacIntyre as the lead cast members. Robert then appeared in one episode of Ghost Whisperer in 2007. He now has a recurring role on Lipstick Jungle as Kirby Atwood. Coming in 2008 is the movie Killer Movie, in which Robert stars as the character Nik. Directed by Jeff Fisher, the plot revolves around a reality television shoot that goes wrong as its crew becomes stranded in an isolated town. Also coming in 2008 is the movie Robot Battle, directed by John Lechago, where he plays the character Lee. source Celebrity Addicted
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