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  1. Merry Christmas, Helen!<3

  2. Merry Christmas, Sara!^.^

  3. Merry Christmas!!^.^

  4. ~Merry Christmas Anthony!~

    I hope you don't have to work too hard during the holidays :/

  5. Merry Christmas, Toni<3

  6. iiiiii have to say it again :)

    Merry Christmas, dear! <3

  7. I'm good^.^ I hope you have a great time too!! ~Merry Christmas~

  8. Merry Christmas Desti the vampire:p <3

  9. Merry Christmas B-dogg!! ^.^

  10. ~ˇMerry Christmas!ˇ~

  11. ~Merry Christmas, Jorge!~

  12. Merry Christmas, dear!<3

  13. Merry Christmas^.^

  14. Merry Christmas dear Francesca<3

  15. I'll tell you the news as soon i have a bit more time ;)


    Merry Christmas!<3

  16. < What... HERE? Ho, Ho, Ho - Looks like you'll be fine encantador! But Santa doesn't like to leave things to chance... So, here's big pile of snow on call - just in case you should need it! I don't live in mountains Thank you! ~Merry Christmas~ Edit: :| It's snowing!! Thank you so much
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