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  1. omgosh dude i love your set, its freak'n off the hooook! :)) i loveee MJ <333

  2. :o I have a natural potty mouth XDDD

  3. OKay mr.'correcto' xDD It was morning so excuse my spelling? and what are you and my 'wife' blabbering about? :)) hehe!! THATS your nickname...mr.correcto :DDD

  4. omgggoshness he's soo hot hehe
  5. "kissed by an angel" its romantic...and then he dies
  6. A book nameeeeeeedd "kissed by a angel" Quite interesting
  7. How did you know I have a shit load of tatt's and ride a harly davidson? O_O STALKKER! *points* >:)

  8. Her outfit reminded me of Alice in wonderland With all of the clocks and shit
  9. woosh I always see her in different kinds of AD'S. But unfortunately I don't know her name <_< Wish I could've helped. Sheeeee's might fine
  10. I wish I had this as a poster in my room i would never leave my room
  11. I tend to get jealous when im only in relationships. Who would want some guy or chick talking to your love interest? <_< Thank god, all of my relationships were people who were older then I Not that I didn't want them to go to my school, its just that the chicks at my school are slutty sluts
  12. hhaa i hattee people who think they can 'beat up' anyone -_- its like...would you like this infront of your family members? I DONT THINK SO -_- stupid two faced bitches huofhdufhdf. ew i hate the word "bitch" hahaha i just dont use it for some reason xDD

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