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  1. oh my god.. that outfit makes her look soooo god damn good! dayum
  2. woooosh so many things while i've been gone. Naiceeee
  3. aww i miss you too mann ha sorry im so bussy ;[ you have a myspace?!


  5. your avi is you and i ;) HAA i love you!

  6. wait wait texted me? wheenn? you never did. i always gets my other friends but never you >:( maybe i should contact you or something! call me :)) it'll be easier. howwwww about you CUMMM over ;)

  7. HEY i just texted you haa i hope its the right number beeecause you gave me two numbers with more then seven digits lmao! I love you

  8. HA how fun! :))) tennis?eeek i suck at that :P wanna teach me pool? ha

  9. Aww thankk you :)) HAPPY EASTER TO YOU TOO! WELL..belated HAHA aw i miss you as welll :) im..alright could be doing better argH! how are you uuu?

  10. :( :( im sowwie. hey gimmie your number in messages (= ily


  12. HAH sorrry babe i dont log on here much anymore, considering YOUUUUUUUU..dont come on either :( BUT I MISS YOU AND OOOH a surpirse for mee? xDD i spelled that wrong and lazy to go back and erase :P I LOVE YOU!

  13. Mmft..So evident it wasn't premeditated now. I'm thwarted in her in some ways, but then again if you actually put this into consideration..its her life, and if she wants a baby now, then so be it. But for all I know it is/was a definite fact that it wasn't planned bearing in mind on the VS fashion show last year, she said she wanted kids.. but did she say “ in two months I’m planning to get pregnant”? Ah..no! Its true what they declared about how she likes to ‘treat’ herself often..This in a way is a superior thing for her, it’ll allow her not to drink as much and/or smoke. Whatever, she’ll learn from her mistakes..hopefully and shine her beauty once more before model retirement age. Nice going.
  14. Thanks to you guys, im falling inlove alllll over agian
  15. I've seen the rest, but never spotted the one where she's wearing a hat before Thank you Classy
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