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  1. A really beautiful Swedish Christmas song; "Julen är här" (~Christmas Is Here). Performed by two great Scandinavian musical stars Tommy Körberg : Swedish and Sissel Kyrkjebø : Norwegian
  2. Thank you everybody for posting ! Fender, well done :shock:
  3. Thanks Kelly ! All my posts are back now
  4. You are both welcome Sorry Kelly, I do not have this issue
  5. Angelo Tarlazzi ad - 1983 my scan
  6. French ELLE - March 14, 1988 my scans
  7. Thank you so much Miss & Fender French ELLE - March 14, 1988 my scans
  8. This picture is FANTASTIC Kelly ! Thank you very much for your contribution I'm gonna do a bit of cleaning up on that thread and soon the deleted pictures will be up again Thanks to you, Fender, Dayrell and all the people who post and leave comments on the vintage threads my enthusiasm is coming back
  9. 66Lucy

    Sarah Polley

    Thank you for starting a thread for her, she was so cute in "Road to Avonlea"
  10. I think one thread for that one is more than enough, why not posting there : http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=11764
  11. 66Lucy

    Kathryn Morris

    Thanks again Nefertiti
  12. 66Lucy

    Fairuza Balk

    I did not expect to see so many people posting here, thank you to all of you
  13. 66Lucy

    Debra Paget

    Wow ! Thank you very much COP11
  14. Her official Website : http://www.lysetteanthony.co.uk/
  15. Found on Ashley's thread scanned by JAL718
  16. Well done Puma Traci Lords (American Actress) : Her mother, Patricia Briceland, is of Scandanavian descent, Traci also has a son she called Joseph Gunnar
  17. German ELLE - June 1989 my scans
  18. Thank you Miss L'Oréal ad 1989 my scans
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