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  1. Happy Birthday ;)

  2. hello, just stopping by to wish Nataniele HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  3. here all the photos she looks amazing, I think these are her best!! Photographed by Marco Bertani
  4. haha no, I don't think so it looks like she isn't doing the kissy face in her new personal pictures.. I feel bad if it's because of our comments here..
  5. yees I agree with you. It's just that I meant she is probably doing it because she thinks it's cute or funny not because she lacks confidence. and you are right, she has such a beautiful smile, she should smile more instead of doing those silly faces. It can be cute sometimes but not if you're doing it aaaall the time.. then it just gets really annoying!! anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS
  6. if she is not confident enough to smile, why would she make those faces? :S she makes them because she likes to.. and in those photos on Post #1300 she is posing on every photo while making that face
  7. hahaha yes it's funny I forgot to post this photo yesterday, I'm so sorry she looks beautiful!!
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