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  1. Height:182 Chest:85 Waist:67 Hips:98 Suit:48 Hair:dark brown Eyes:brown Shoes:42 Agency: Diva Models
  2. Height: 1.84 Measures: 94 74 94 Size: 48/50 Shoes: 43 Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Green Angency: Viva(Berlin)
  3. Height: 185 Size: 48/50 Collar: 38 Waist: 81 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Shoes: 43 Angencies: Unique(Mother Agency), Success(Paris), Fashion(Milan)
  4. Photo by David Bornscheuer bornscheuer.net
  5. Shot by Gregor Hohenberg Viva
  6. GEIL Magazine Photo by JOACHIM BALDAUF Jakob Wilhelm by Warhol /monthly_10_2009/post-18327-0-1446018566-15338_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2734867" alt="post-18327-0-1446018566-15338_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="133.07"> Viva
  7. Wunderkind’s Lookbook FW09 Viva
  8. Michalsky FW09 /monthly_10_2009/post-18327-0-1446018578-80413_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2735319" alt="post-18327-0-1446018578-80413_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150.24">
  9. Arena Homme + #32 Photographer Jamie Morgan Stylists Barry Kamen and Mitzi Lorenz Morphosis
  10. Iwaya for Dress33 SS09 fashionmag
  11. BS of Alvin Valley FW09 /monthly_10_2009/post-18327-0-1446076257-39543_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3548626" alt="post-18327-0-1446076257-39543_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150"> eastnews.ru
  12. Ad Giuliano Fujiwara SS09 BS Emilio Tini's myspace
  13. Out of Colour Photo by Vincent Nord Hair & Makeup by Michelle Webb /monthly_10_2009/post-18327-0-1446053281-72083_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2998978" alt="post-18327-0-1446053281-72083_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="155.84">
  14. Dazed & Confused November 2009 Photographed by David Armstrong thefashionisto
  15. War Mag. christophershannon.co.uk
  16. absolutely love his look, nice find, Pix!
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