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  1. "Always Where I Need to Be" is th new song of Kooks???

    i haven't heard it before, well, i need to pay more attention on them**

  2. 7:45?!

    sorry, stupid me.lol

    But i go to bed last night 7:30, too tied for th school's stuf...

  3. And even worse Sasha model no more, he got other plan...

    im so sorry to let u hear so many stupid words, but i badly need say sth. out...

    Well , i even forget th reason i become a member here---improve my fu*kin' english!!!

    But it seems that im going on a bit...

  4. Bless for you again and again...

    Be good and nice, sweet Angel...

  5. BTW, i love your new set!!!<3

    very beautiful!!!

  6. BTW, u look so nice, babe.

    I mean it!!!!!!!

  7. But you could give me the link, like D&G, Jill Staunt, RomeoGigli ...

    Those website which enclose flash with big size. lol

    So sorry...

    Btw the size with Youtube's , is that okay???

  8. Dear, dear, how i dare don't like Andrew???

    I love him, i swear.

    But i just cannot accept all ur heart just give him(*cry*)

  9. Dear, since i know Sasha is a member of MH, i don't know why, an unreasonable

    sadness shocked me...

    And I sadly realized that what th hell im doing here, waste so much time ,and other priceless stuf, what for????

  10. Done, done, done~~


  11. En, en, of course, he's gorgeous always!

    And forgive me not to post it on his thread...

    U know, i need some personally.LOL

    But i don't mind to share it with you, ha,ha...

    Take care, babe!

  12. Erh, im fast busy with my study, babe.

    About Sasha , well, just let it be,and i'll give second thought about 'his' postin' on MH...

  13. faget



    That's where my father works now!!!

    Well, now i missed him so much...

  14. fast busy for preparing th final exams, so no heart to play here...too tied now *sigh*

    how about u? Stil'?

    btw, LUV your site^ yummmmyyyy!!!hahha...

    take care!!!

  15. finally you give me your name~

    Your username is a bit long, sorry for rida instead. lol



  16. Fine, thanks!!!

    Well, i just got a bit worried, cuz Sasha model no more...

    But i'll try^^

  17. faget


    How ar u? Stil?

    Waww, your comments...German?!!

    B-e-a-u-tiful language!!!

    Could u teach me some simple sentences???

  18. fine.

    thx for add me as friend^

  19. Gaspard Ulliel - "Le dernier jour"

    my fav. film !!!

  20. Good evenin' amie!!!

    Just a tiny question, do you hav runway list of-- Domenique, Patrick, Ilvie.

    Any of 'em will be okay! I just wanna help with your hearties, for your lovely help with


  21. Guess what's th first thing i do online??

    Check ur comment!!!

    I found that's a lot fun chattin' with u.lol

    im so lucky , well, have a friend like u!!!

  22. faget

    ha,ha, cute, u ar sooo cute!!!

    but i must admit that u ar really talent guy.lol

    BTW, u have nice hands...

  23. Ha,ha, im so glad u like 'em, btw, th hot twin just for ya, and your lovely twin thread!!!^^

    Well, i'l try to find more "twin" & hoties for ya and my-self. lol

  24. ha,ha, th hotie in my avtar? i wanna know it too!!!

    I just get it from


    So many Greek eye candy there...(droolin')

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