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  1. City Mag. elmerolsenmodels
  2. London Men FW10 Showcard: D1
  3. Please. Z Zegna S/S10 Advertising zzegna
  4. Z Zegna FW10 Zzegan/ fashionmag
  5. Please allow me add you as friend, u sweet!for all of ur great posts, esp. Gen^

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    Doesn't Make A Difference - Jarrod Gorbel
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    Fuck U - Placebo
  8. ThanQ, tomcat honey! Hmmm, that's not too bad Hysteria Mag. credit to D1 models blogspot
  9. "After Hours" Photo by Max Ballatore Styling by Ji Hyun Kim
  10. Milan Men FW10 showcard/ Fashion
  11. HERO "A+C" by Bruno Staub /monthly_12_2009/post-18327-0-1446055142-47012_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3042936" alt="post-18327-0-1446055142-47012_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="128.21">
  12. Citizen K Homme Winter 2009 PH: Driu & Tiago
  13. W mag. Beyond Blue Photographed by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer Styled by Alex White /monthly_12_2009/post-18327-0-1446108968-33018_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="4203383" alt="post-18327-0-1446108968-33018_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="74.83">
  14. 5 Magazine #6 (oct/nov 2009) "Sentiment noir" Photo: Daniel Cubero /monthly_12_2009/post-18327-0-1446108967-45623_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="4203371" alt="post-18327-0-1446108967-45623_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="67.18"> /monthly_12_2009/post-18327-0-1446108967-50338_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="4203375" alt="post-18327-0-1446108967-50338_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="75.65"> Elerai @MH
  15. Hero Issue PH: Fabian Kruszelnicki
  16. *Whistle* You grow up, man Tomcat honey, u made me believe there's Angel here, thanQ!!!
  17. Lol, but he didn't walk for the show.
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