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  1. nahh That pic is not very good quality, but her nose looks tha same.
  2. Hey hey hey sweeties! Bianca is going to be in BZNTM, she's gonna win!!! But I need somebody else that can help me rep, well if you want!
  3. In some of her pics she looks beautiful!
  4. Ah me tooo but by the time went by i started liking Daria and + i watched interview with her of Fashion TV and she seemed Really nice and natural so that got me to like her a Lot!! I kno that girl 1 day will be a Fashion Icon!! And Gemma...Never liked and i don't and never will she'll never grow on me i just don't find anything in her..Lol anyways Thx everyone for the pics of Daria I agree, I think Gemma is much too baby faced. She could be Dakota Fannings sister. Daria is B E A U T I F U L!
  5. She looks stunning! Sometimes her face structure and eyes remind me of Mischa Barton.
  6. Anybody have this cover, just bigger? What a combination! Adriana, Isabeli, and Ana my 3 favorite models!
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