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  1. I'm confused, why do people need to say goodbye when they log off, this is a posting board not an instant message convo.

    but um.. bye anyway! :wave:

  2. What are your fave shows that are no longer running?

    Mine include

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Joss Whedon is god)

    Dead Like Me (WHY was this canceled)


    Clone High


    OMG, you like Buffy and Dead Like Me too??? Those 2 are a few of my favorite shows!!! :drool:

    Some of the other ones I can recall at the moment I really enjoyed include:

    Sex and the City


    Six Feet Under

    Sweet Valley High :ninja:

    Swan's Crossing :ninja:



    Queer as Folk

    The Ali G Show

    Omg aren't you cool! I totally forgot to add sex and the city to my list of awesome.

  3. OS and Teh Pinkinator!

    All of you "I love all the mods" people gotta learn to play favorites yo!

    A Llama sighting! :ninja:

    How are you doing, Lee? :)

    I've been doing good. me and adriana just spent valentines day in the hamptons. it was so romantic. *sigh* she loves her llama so.

  4. here is the Legal link to the msn advance screening of the first episode of veronica mars season 3.


    to get it to work you need to copy and paste it into your windows media player (when you open windows media player press control+u and then it will give you a little box to paste it into)

    I absolutley abhor streaming video so im not watching it but ive tested it and it works purrfect!

  5. If someone hands me some episodes I'll watch it. And just to keep with the show... Veronica Mars! Veronica Mars! Veronica Mars! Veronica Mars!

    There! I've said her full name a number of times within half an hour :ninja:

    :| tell me that i dont need to spoon feed you like nicole. well nicole was more a vicious battle of wills (i won obviously *looks suave*), but :| i had to do a lot of episode suppliage

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