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  1. If my source is correct Mathias had a shooting for a Calvin Klein campaign :drool: :laugh: yesterday. Going to post the picture tonight if I survived the dentist . Last time I wanted to post a picture here I got problems with photobucket , when I got a problem again I post the pics on my blog

  2. autumn or winter 2009 someone posted pictures here Mathias and friends in a chinese retaurant . on one of the pictures Mathias is looking up to her and he was drooling . No, you really could see that he is very interessted or even in love with this girl kn the picture. got the information on facebook and twitter from reliable sources . we also got the picture from May who is a close friend of Mathias and Zara kissing each other. The picture was posted on a blog - go to my blog it is there under " our prince and his princess " or to the tag " girlfriend" on my blog.

  3. 6. on his friends list you find not one member of his family or friends :blink::blink:

    7. he got an Twitter account and there he is no connection between his account and the friends of REAL Mathias. I should say, that some of Mathias closesed friends from New York are twittering every day . They spend their holidays together but they don't twitter .

  4. Yesterday I found an Mathias imposter :yuckky: . If I got it right he/ she claims to be Mathias and got a Mathias fanpage on facebook which he calls official.

    You recognize such an pathetic imposter as

    1. he is only posting pics we have all seen before.

    2.He is using pictures I scanned or cut :yuckky:

    3. He got no original pictures from his agency or photographer and is using screenshots or pics I cut and posted :yuckky:

    4. He has no clue about the origin of the picture- no name of photographer , stylist etc.

    5. He is posting pictures from 2011 and one from 2004 as the same editorial :blink:

  5. Got a problem to post the scans from Danks on my blog :cry2: :cry2: :anger: :no::pinch::angry: :( :shock: :yuckky:











    You know I love Mathias but I don´t like this editorial. I like Mathias with tousled hair, jeans, shirt ... all natural. Like to kick those stylists into the ..... :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky:



    photographer: Mitchell Feinberg

    MODEL(S): Mathias Lauridsen; Zara Zachrisson


    She looks so fierce in comparison to Mathias :evil:

    she wants to say , that he is her man and not ours :blink: :) with a special warning to me :laugh:

  7. Thanks for posting ! Thought you drooled to death ! the first picture nearley killed me .

    did you see stylist Zara Zachrisson

    haha... I couldn't stop drooling either, that's why it took me so long to post them :drool:

    Yeah, after reading your comment I checked Zara was the stylist :blink:

    Mathias doesn't do much work but makes exception when she is the stylist :whistle:

    When I read Zara was the stylist I got one thought. thanks for not putting a bathing trunk on head head again :laugh: .

    on the third pic he looks so young and cute . now I carry on drooling :drool: :drool: :drool:

    Haha... I think Mathias would wear anything if Zara ask him to, even if it is bathing trunk on his head :p

    Sometimes Mathias looks old in the runway in comparison to the younger boys but he always looks young and youthful in editorials :heart:

    I'm so happy for him. He seems to be such a sweetheart and it's great that he found a nice and beautiful girl. He seems to really love her, and that so sweet because he deserves love and the best girl in the world!!! Good things happen to good people..;) :wave::heart:

    Hi new1988 ,

    I totally agree but sometimes I hate her a bit :blush: for her long legs and that she can walk on high heels and for being pretty :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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