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  1. because i met her im a bigger fan of her now. i now aboard the doutzen express
  2. im going to see the black balloon next saterday
  3. oh guys and right not doutzen is in sydney(AUS) doing a cover and editorial for Vogue AUS april
  4. thnx guys for the pics. and thanx foreverdoutzen for deleting the pics. yeah there wasabit of confusion
  5. yeah she as stunning. pretty and nice to talk to
  6. ive just deleted the un-pink writing picz and i'll replace them with the ones with the pink writing
  7. yeah i'd like them removed. the ones on here. without credit to me.tho i PMed iggy he hasnt replied
  8. DONT U DARE photoshop the pink writing out
  9. but its srsly mean to use other ppl's pics without credit
  10. WHAT? iggy posted my pics without my concent!
  11. ALL HALE queen INGUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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