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  1. im christian. i already have jesus :magic:
  2. hey guys im kinda new here i mainly hang in the models(female) section im 14 years old i want to be a designer im also a member at TFS and supermodels.nl
  3. really? it was pretty ok the last time i saw it.
  4. i just voted her for the best booty
  5. yeah i met doutzen and yeah im the girl with the black leather bag. OMG doutzen sounds so sexy when shes speaking her native language DUTCH
  6. i have forum withdraw sometimes
  7. too abd we dont have our own topics like sups.nl
  8. i might stuff some lard down her throat
  9. i promise you guys if i ever see the poly-nator i will force feed her some KFC
  10. where did she say the fun table thing?
  11. i was gonna skip school and see her in the morning LOLOMG im watching the vid of her at the morning show shes STUNNING
  12. im hoping too. im such an idiot! should have asked why she wasnt at VS last year. or ask if she was gonan be in it this year
  13. i hope shes gonna do VS this year
  14. as much as i love the zombie, baggs and v-neck look. vlada darling needs some sleep. poor thing but congratz 2 her for 77 shows
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