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  1. ^ It's from "How I Met Your Mother" filming in 2007 http://adrianaflima.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=15
  2. Although you have posted some great pics above, you should give credits anyway
  3. Goshh that red dress! can't down my eyes from her thank you nothingless
  4. you are truly awesome! thanks for all your scans you have posted
  5. thanks, she looks cute without no-makeup
  6. mazhutia_


    just look at that body
  7. thaaank youuu :hell yea!: :hell yea!: But why she returned to pale skin again
  8. oh My Gosh... all I can say about it her body looks INSANE! perfectly skinny and curvy. she will be a queen of the event
  9. she is going to be at Paris fashion week
  10. wow... her body skin looks so smooth and flawless
  11. whooooooooooooooooa new candids! stock of words to describe it! :hell yea!:
  12. it looks quite good - healthy and shiny hair, just hairstyle get bored... the same style in the last her appearances
  13. omg she looks super skinny there, but her face looks extraordinary
  14. oh damn, Adri looks quite nice, but you compare Chanel with Adri in the first pic! her body looks at least odd
  15. so she is smoking again... though Adri looks nice
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