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  1. uhmmm....do you think she will walk in the next fashion shows? and question.....when does fashion week start for the girls?
  2. did she walk for any runway shows?
  3. i think it's diamond shape.....
  4. haven't heard any news about her recently..... aside from the strangers, is she going to make other movies? what's up with her modeling?
  5. i'm not sure if i like him as much as before.. hahaha.... anyways at least my problem is solved. i still like his chiseled jaws......
  6. thanks eireen!! you have solved my my problem... but now that i know who he is, i don't know if i still like him. hahaha.... thanks again though...
  7. many similarities.......except for the ears...and watever... i guess it's not him.... i'm still problematic....
  8. JARED JONES img model mngement height: 188cm/6'2" waist: 79cm/31" hair: Brown eyes: Brown pics frm imgmodels
  9. hi everyone! just wan't to ask, is this guntars??? alexander mcqueen fw 06 fashion show men, first face
  10. well, yeah i also think he kinda looks like guntars, but well..... other say its matt benstead or nicolas bemberg..... arg..... people! any idea... guess or watever??? please!!!
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