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  1. She didnt had head cut off, in the ones i unlocked, alot posted fake ones and edited ones about her recent set.
  2. Yeah some on onlyfans dont charge after vip, but charly does, but well been worth for me, only one of the sets has been advertised on non vip, and thats the only that has been posted around some of her content are way better than those 200$ for 4 pics.
  3. as far as i know, when i asked her when i paid for them, only 9 others at the time paid for them.
  4. Patreon and OF is not the same.
  5. Want confirmed by a moderator or administrator then, until then give ur telegram or discord in either message or here.
  6. I dont think is allowed to post content from OF on here, if you want give ur telegram or discord.
  7. Dont know if allowed to post OF content on here, but i got it. If allowed, ill post them dont know.
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