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    I joined the forum in November of 2004, but my account was temporarily deleted. All of the posts by Guest Lullaby are all me.

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  1. happy bday old friend

  2. Alessandra's forum is back online.
  3. All of the posts were lost. Unfortunately, the people that do the backups panicked after it was hacked and ran a backup and did an overwrite over the previous backup. Again, we lost all posts. But we began working on the forum last night around 8 EST, and we'll continue to work throughout the day to hopefully have it open today. When they transferred board software, our member groups got screwed up and over 1200 people ended up on the banned list and 2200 people ended up as guests. You CAN LOSE YOUR GUEST STATUS by posting once, it will bump you up into the members group as soon as you do. The banned people we have to handle ourselves and that's a lot of people for two people to deal with.
  4. January 29, 2008: Miranda Kerr on the Blackberry Pearl event, on how the Blackberry Pearl will streamline her life, on the superbowl, and on working for Victoria's Secret. Duration: 2:17 Download Link: rapidshare
  5. January 29, 2008 - Bumble and Bumble To Host First Fashion Fete of The Fall '08 Season HQ
  6. January 29, 2008 - Launch Party For The New BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Smartphone From Verizon HQ
  7. The fact that anyone would accuse Alessandra of doing that is really.. I can't believe fans would actually think she would do that. To go to that extreme to avoid something she could easily avoid without ruining anything. Alessandra is highly upset over what has happened to her forum. And if she wanted to avoid rumors, she might as well crawl into a hole for the next year to avoid the press. The rumors were kept off her board to the best of our abilities, we deleted posts and comments and made sure Alessandra never even saw some of the mean, HATEFUL things some of the fans said when the pregnancy rumor started. Also, if this was Alessandra's doing, why did the people that manage her entire site just fork out the money to license IPB, and to fork out the money to have what is left of myBB transferred to IPB? We managed to save the members list, PMs, your post counts are still there. We managed to salvage everything but the actual posts. You will not need to register. This is the advantage of doing a transfer between board software.
  8. They did run a backup. But whoever did ran the backup after everything was deleted. We are not in control of the servers so neither avada or I can take the blame for doing that. And yes, IPB is a different kind of software, just like this forum. We were trying for months to switch but unfortunately no one would listen. They are now though.
  9. Don't worry, you guys! We're waiting on IPB to get back to us and the board should be open before the end of the week.
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