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  1. hey you i'm very bored and i'm trying to have some fun. how about you?
  2. hello i'm new lily fan. the pictures are gorgeous thank you for sharing!!!!
  3. wow this must be photoshoped, she doesnt look like that, i am very sure of that i think she is naturaly skinny
  4. its summerdream, but it doesn't matter because i love ittttttt thank you so much
  5. Thanx!!!!!yes i am new here tooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. wow there is an avatar and signature request thread can i ask for an ava. and sign. from this pictures (i'm sorry they are put together,hope there is no problem), please someone!
  7. hi . i'm new on bellazon Freja is my favorite, she is so beautiful . wow and i found here so manny beautiful pictures i never seen ps. Aida your signature is so gorgeous!
  8. thank you for the welcome! i see you are new here too.

    Its good to see people are so friendly here :)

  9. welcome to bellazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!have fun here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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