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  1. Cool. Thanks. Thank you for the replies. I'm really good with distinguishing faces, and having looked her name up, I believe it is the same person! The pic I posted is obviously like one of her best pics ever, LOL. She's still beautiful in general though.
  2. Hmmm... you know when I first saw this thread back when it was just starting, I did not think she was that beautiful, cute sure...maybe even pretty, but beautiful? No. After seeing her in the recent years of 2010-2011, she's emerged as in another league. Maybe it's the later years of more maturing in the face, exercise, and of course make-up b/c her face is now beautiful!
  3. eddiwouldgo, I must say that judging from the above two photos, you and I have extremely similar taste, lol. Correct me if you think I'm ever wrong though, of course. Who's the woman before K.D. Aubert that you posted?
  4. I believe that age should not play a role other than dividing the adults and/or older teens from the children and/or young teens. There are certainly 40- and even 50-somethings (hell, maybe 60-somethings), that take exceptional care of themselves combined with genes to look youthful and overall attractive enough to compete in the same realm as models decades younger. Just use the typical digital alterations to any signs of aging, which should already be vastly minor compared to your average "older" woman, as they are used for anything else for a young woman.
  5. She is a very pretty woman.
  6. This guy is a pretty tricky one b/c he doesn't look that hot at a glance in general, but when I look closely, he's gorgeous! However, for some reason, his looks really did stand out right away from the very beginning in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and I didn't need to take a second look. Those beautiful panther-like eyes and shapely lips to the beautiful facial structure...There are so very few guys that I would even consider calling "gorgeous," but he's one of them! Oh, and his body is absolutely stunning, and is not that bulky, stocky Wolverine Hugh Jackman look which I strongly dislike, just modelesque and dangerously toned, lol. He and Ryan Reynolds have two of the best bodies in Hollywood, for sure.
  7. Thank you so much. I feel guilty when I see that the model's been ID'd numerous times; however, it's not time-efficient to look through the countless unfamiliar names in Previously ID'd models to finally find her, lol.
  8. There are a few similarities, like full lips, skin color, eye color, but they are generic ones, so I couldn't say that she looks like Adriana. However, I think she is a little prettier than Adriana and has a nicer figure too. Her whole facial structure and teeth are much better, but Adriana's got a better nose and often a prettier eye shape. As for the lips, her lips are nothing like Angelina Jolie's in terms of shape, just fullness, but are more similar to Adriana's in shape. I have to say that Adriana's lips are more in proportion to the rest of her face and Irina's are oversized although both girls have full lips (which is a great thing). As for the body, Irina's got a little more muscle tone and a slimmer waistline.
  9. Can anyone tell me who she is, please?
  10. Thanks for successfully ID'ing her! She is gorgeous!
  11. Oh, and she does look somewhat like Angelina in a lot of pics!
  12. Wow, thank you so much for starting a thread on her *and* ID'ing her for me! I just got back after a long 6 month hiatus from this web site!
  13. I voted no b/c the only reason I would marry would be for the tax cut.
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