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  1. i was wondering the same thing..
  2. Aww Look at Adri and Her mom!
  3. embaby1234


    heres a pic that shows her hand...
  4. embaby1234


    You can see in the video from Adrianaflima channel that she has bandages on her hand...
  5. heres a pic i found idk if anyones ever seen..
  6. I just got the Swim Catologue i was very disappointedd All i saw was Marisa Miller Sorry to people that like her but she just doesnt compare to Adriana!
  7. Hey i was just wondering if someone could post these 2 pics from afl.com from backstage that limalicous and cypress havent posted yet, My account doesnt work there anymore cause my computerr is a piece of crapp. That would b greatyl appreciated
  8. That may of not been her best interview because she did not understand the question. But did u hear her answer, she says everyday she wakes up she's happy, cause of her work and that her family's healthy. She truly is an amazing, what she said to that question really took my breathe away. I wish i could have a positive outlook like how she does everyday She truly is an angel.
  9. I really dont think she lost it, i think it has to do with bad makeup. I have somh HQ's from the event with the white shirt, and if u see her eyeshadow is gold and brown. I got my makeup done one time for my friends partyy and i was wearing a balck and gold dress so they lady but gold and brown around my eyes, and i have the same color eyes as adri, and when i saw the pics from it i just looked washed out. I think it did the same for her. It doesnt really make her eyes stand out.
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