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  1. Yes that is my boyfriend!!! Don't touch! hahaha
  2. Happy Birthday ;)

    Post more :D

  3. Guadaaa of course I met remember you darling! I see everyone is talking about how 'hot' my brother is (ew) lol... ahhaha hows going?
  4. Merry KISSmas and Happy Sexy New Year!!! Best Wishes, PinkCouture

  5. A lot of people have an account there. Lol. Really you know I like Fernanda? How? And yes she's my favorite. :D

  6. My Favourite Model is Alessandra Ambrosio... I'm on her official forum and have been going there everyday (ok maybe not EVERY but a HELL of a lot). I've been there for about a year and I love her so much!!!!!! I know you like Fernanda haha :)

  7. Ahh great! Who is your favorite model? What part og Brasil are you from? :-)

  8. hey! I'm Julia :)

  9. OMG! I have seen you on tFS! How are you? Im Ferdinanda on there btw. :D

  10. Eu tbm to querendo saber qual a

  11. psaokpaopkaopaopasokp

    aii aiii vaneeee vou sim calma =x

    iaiii algum novidade com a Ale? (a minha conex

  12. Posta alguma coisa,


  13. uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu



    vou viajar amanha eim!

    pra BSB haha

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