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  1. Cool! Anyone interested can browse the archive at https://tablinum.net. I will start with Peter Hahn right away. Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. Hi people, Is there any interest here in a catalog image archive? About four years ago, the pending demise of Bon Ton spurred me into action, archiving the entirety of their catalog images. Likewise with Sears, although that one still lives on. Since then, I've been hanging around digital archivist's forums and my side hobby sort of grew into a major undertaking. I wrote my own software to automate the HQ downloads and used AI to weed out images of products/clothing-only from the models. I built a website to browse the whole collection, then added features to organi
  3. Hello all, I'm been lurking this forum for about half a year and I'm especially thankful for the resources it provides. Over the last 3 years, I've been building an archive of catalog model images and the ability to match a name to a face has been very valuable. Obviously there are thousands upon thousands of models, so this task is never ending. I have in my archive database over 5M high resolution images from over 60 catalogs. I use custom-written software to automate the downloads and also implemented facial recognition to identify each model. Face recognition is
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