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  1. Talie NK Ads (Brazil) - Fall/Winter 2008 Models: Angélica Sulzbach, Fernanda Traviski, unknown and Stefani Medeiros Ph.: ??? Scanned by Leonardo at tFS
  2. Okey People NEEEWWWSS!!! Brazilian Ad Campaigns F/W 08 Dopping FW08 Model: Stefani Medeiros Ph.: ?? Scanned by Vini at tFS
  3. Hello!!! I have been on many practices, because I'm gonna compete in volley so have been spending alot of time to do that, but now i have some time here :)

  4. yeey fans, who doesn't want to play whit Gisele? I'm gonna compete in volley in April :shock: so I'm really nervous
  5. PolydiQted

    I Am...

    saying bye bye to you-all
  6. PolydiQted

    I Am...

    can't decide what color I'm gonna color my nails
  7. I still have to work ....... Cruelty of my pathetic life
  8. I have a question, should i color my nails red or black?
  9. I know, I have the all day on me
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