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  1. Thank you. It was such a terrible mistake that unfortunately went public. But by Grace I have atleast come to terms with it. Thank you for your insightfully grown up response. It means a lot.
  2. I am not just a model but a Human being too. the tremendous stress and hurt I have experienced since that got out I dont wish upon anyone. I was young and naive and I trusted people. I am sorry you had to see that but I am not a bad person. I made a mistake and these comments makes it hard to forgive myself. It was years ago and this is the first time I am speaking out about it. It took me to a dark place my spirit broke and for you to classify me as another model doing whatever is not right. I Work very very hard and I would love you to know that people sometimes have weak moments. I am now in a healthy safe place. But please dont make these comments. They hurt me and if you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you the kind of person I am. I hope you understand what I mean. This page means so much to me and that comment was just unnecessary. God bless
  3. Hello you. I want to explain to you that it wasn’t just as the pictures looks like. I was very young and naive. This didn’t take me to a dark place, it broke my spirit. We all make mistakes. Especially when you trust a person. I apologise you had to see that. I am still healing from that experience. But I will not be a prisoner of my past. I am a good person i just made a bad decision. I hope you can understand that.
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