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  1. I am looking for pictures from this event in HQ.
  2. These I really wanted to share with you. They must be a hundred years old, they are so funny to look at!!! The fashion is just awful! But Heidi shines in anyhing, doesn't she? I can see how she sold out every piece of clothing she ever wore in a catalogue.
  3. Here styling is ... <_<
  4. Old editorial for German Marie Claire
  5. Here is one I love! Sorry if repost!!
  6. Germany's next topmodel This link takes you directly to the video of the first episode (95 minutes long). However, it is only posted for one week!! So go watch it now - even though it's in German it's fun! If you don't watch the whole show at least watch the countdown at around 5:50 minutes. That's when Heidi comes on stage for the first time, it's cool!!! Enjoy http://www.prosieben.de/lifestyle_magazine...eoplayer/49406/
  7. Heidi is featured in OK Magazin Germany. The article features private photos from Seal as well as an interview. I will post the interview later. The pictures need to get scanned. Here is one for an example
  8. Some old catalogue images
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