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  1. :woot: being named an icon would be pretty impressive though.
  2. Alba your welcome! I'm on the search for more pictures as we speak
  3. ...... Ever get tempted to get pulled into the party scene? Meeli: Of course I like to party sometimes. But I never go alone and I'm very-very careful. Have you developed any new interests since you started modeling? Meeli: Learning new things. I guess modeling has encouraged me to be more experimental and try new things. What are your favourite things to do in your free time? Meeli: At the moment I don't really have free time, because I'm finishing high school right now. But normally I love spending time with my friends and family, reading, walking, having conversations with interesting people and there are many different kinds of sport that I just love. Out of all the places your career has taken you, where was the most memorable? Meeli: I think my all-time-favorite is Tokyo. It was the first place I went to and it was just an amazing experience. The people and the culture there are so different, but it's still easy to settle in and I'm hardly ever homesick there. I just love everything about it! Do you have a mentor? Who? What is it about them that affects you? Why? Meeli: I guess there are many of them. I try to learn from the people I respect and admire. Where do you see yourself in ten years? What could be your next career? Meeli: It's really difficult to say, but I hope that I'll have a happy family and I'll be doing a job that I love! What are your beauty secrets? How do you stay in shape? Meeli: I'm trying to be as healthy as possible and not to worry too much. I think that a healthy body + a happy mind = beauty. What would you want people to know about you? Meeli: That I really assess open-minded pople who actually have something to say. Any advice for new models? What advice would you give other models starting out? Meeli: You'll have to deal with a lot of rejection, but that doesn't mean that you're stupid and ugly, you just may not be the exact type for the job. And also, it might be a competitive job, but don't be mean to each other. Favourite all-time model: Meeli: Natalia Vodianova. She looks amazing! Favourite kind of food: Meeli: Japanese and estonian food. Favourite kind of music: Meeli: I like good music. I can't describe it, but when I hear it I know it. Favourite quote: Meeli: "All that we are is the result of what we have thought." (Buddha) I'd like to meet: Meeli: J.Watson and F.Crick. If I were trapped on an island I'd take: Meeli: A good friend, a good book, and a box of matches. She seems to be very sweet + well spoken
  4. She was fmds Model Of The Month in May this year!:hell yea!: Stunning Meeli Mullari has emerged from Estonia to thaw the hearts of the fashion world with her angelic appearance. She never gave much thought to becoming a model until a friend convinced her to take part in a modeling contest, which finally brought her to Estonia's most reputable modeling agency , MJ Model Management. Though she's still learning for her high school diploma, Meeli is poised to become the most desirable supermodel to grace high fashion magazines and to conquer the catwalks. We had the pleasure to interview this smart and charming Estonian eye-catcher as model of the month for May.... How did you get started in the modeling business? Meeli: My friend convinced me to take part in a modeling contest on an estonian webpage. I was shoked when they called me. Did you ever think you'd be doing this? Meeli: No. I've never been really interested in fashion or anything related to it. What do you like most about modeling? What do you like least? Meeli: Modeling offers a huge opportunity to make new experience. I get to travel to amazing places and meet interesting people. And it really broadens my mind. It's also challenging because sometimes I have to be on pictures somebody that I am not, but I have to be believable by doing that. What I don't like is traveling alone that much and working with too vainglorious people once in a while, but that would happen while doing any kind of job I guess. Have you encountered any surprises along the way? Meeli: Of course! First of all I discovered that most of the models aren't stupid, and that modelling is not just standing in front of the camera and looking pretty (which is not that easy at all, by the way). It's a real job with real difficulties. And of course I never imagined that I have to be ready for traveling all the time. One day I'm at home and the next day I might be anywhere in the world......
  5. "Libera Uscita" Ph. by Clare Shilland
  6. Dazed & Confused She reminds me of Querelle in the third one
  7. Vogue UK February 06 Class Of 2006 Ph. by Paolo Roversi
  8. I'd love to have Cintia coloured hair + Marina's is just plain magical :
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