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  1. Physician here. His eyes are "anicteric" (meaning, not jaundiced). His eyes are what we call as having a "dirty" or "muddy" sclera. It may appear yellow to the untrained eye, but in an outright jaundiced eye, the distribution of the yellowish color is very homogenous. In Michael's eyes in the Last Dance, not only did I not see much yellow, but there were significant "splotches" and areas that remained white. So there - no big deal. A "muddy" sclera is a normal variation that's commonly associated with aging.
  2. And I'm curious about y'all's opinion on that. What do you think about the ever-increasing numbers of WOMEN models and women's wear being included in the MENSWEAR fashion weeks? It seems like every year there's more of them invading the men's shows. This year some shows had nearly half of the models being women and wearing women's clothing. Why are so many designers doing this? It's not like female models don't have like a million more opportunities and make more money than male models do. And TBH, I don't tune into a menswear show to see skirts and ladies. Or even ladies dressed in menswear. It's very off-putting. And am I just being paranoid or does it come off reeking a bit of "no homo"? Gotta include women or else it'll seem too much like we're all gay in fashion. Or maybe, like I say, being a gay guy myself, I'm just paranoid.https://solitaire.onl/ https://9apps.ooo/ I watch menswear shows to look at the models and to look at clothes to define my style. And my style isn't wearing a sundress. (Not that there's anything wrong with that
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