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  1. From 1988, the image on the right is a vogue cover (my scan) and on the left is an image from the same session that I only recently discovered.
  2. Christy 1987 I go to great lengths trying to free beautiful portraits of Christy from all extraneous distractions. In this case it was difficult to do, and it shows.
  3. Another two-page spread joined into one image. Good authority claims this is a young Christy.
  4. Christy, outside, sunglasses, open shirt.
  5. The seam of this two-page image went right through Christy's ear. So it was VERY difficult to remove the seam and join this image into one image. I've uploaded this image before but this is an improved version.
  6. Classic Pirelli nudes, my scans I clicked "Adult Content," but it never does anything. Those able to "hide" nudity behind a warning have a magic I do not possess.
  7. Christy in black. The first one are my scans.
  8. Tagold

    Gwyneth Paltrow

    Gwyneth in white.
  9. A Christy veiled montage, 1986
  10. The link doesn't work for me
  11. I know . . . it sounds ridiculous to say it, but if there could be such a thing as a "genius" for modelling, that's Christy.
  12. Two images of Christy that go together well.
  13. Christy in blue satin. The second image is a two-page image that I worked hard to join together as seamlessly as I could.
  14. I've been able to find some of it in HQ
  15. David Turnley photos, for Harpers Bazaar?
  16. Two "W" magazine cover shots from 1993
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