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  1. Recent photos accompanying a profile article in the New York Times. Photos by Adeline Lulo.
  2. Some more. the one at the bus stop is a particular favorite.
  3. Scrolling through the great posts folks have been uploading I thought of my favorite Sarah photo shot back in 2016 for Soft Paris. while it was essentially a commercial shoot it seems to have editorial production values and vibe. Always thought Sarah could give off a kind of old school glamour and I think this campaign really highlighted that. I went looking for it here on BZ but when I found it the links went someplace else. So I'm reupping some of my favorite shots from the series.
  4. She has a few on the Boston Proper website. Thanks to KimFlorida.
  5. I hoped that the new digitals, and thanks for posting meant she was getting back to work, and according to her insta she is. Looking forward to seeing the rest.
  6. From insta. I had to look twice to see that she was wearing a bikini.
  7. This is supposed to be a cover up, but it really doesn't cover much.
  8. I was inspired by some great posts from the bikini.com website to look around there myself. I've always thought she had lovely legs, so I was happy to see some photos of her in the dress section.
  9. Who wants to play with the puppies?
  10. Some more from Plum Pretty Sugar
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