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  1. ^ I agree. If the show is truly over, I think it was definitely fitting that it ended when Adriana left. Adriana was the last model from the golden generation of VS (with Gisele & Tyra). She helped put VS on the map back in the day and then helped carry the brand for nearly 2 decades. Once she left, VS knew it was a wrap. I just don't think any of the newer models/angels can draw in mainstream attention like that anymore. But we'll see. My only saving grace is that we at least have some great VS shows from years ago that we can rewatch on youtube and relive the glory days. That's what I do is just rewatch the old shows from 2003-2012. I miss Behati, Adriana, Tyra, Doutzen and Gisele!!!
  2. ^ Good question! I think the key to being a good spokesmodel is not only having the right look, but also having the right personality. Confidence is key. My favorite VS spokesmodel, by far, was Tyra. She had one of the best personalities ever for a VS model in my opinion; she was the perfect combination of sexiness & confidence with a fun, playful outgoing-ness at the same time. That's why people were so drawn to her and the VS brand back in the day. She was absolutely perfect for a brand like VS and helped put in on the map. I also loved Adriana as a spokesmodel because of the exoticness of her look/persona; she just oozed sultriness and womanly confidence which was exactly what the VS brand was originally about. She also had a quirky, goofy side which I loved as well. Heidi, Gisele and Behati also had really fun personalities, which I think made them great spokesmodels as well. Out of all the current & new angels, I think Barbara is the most promising as a spokesmodel because she definitely seems to have that fun, outgoing personality that draws people in (even if the brand is struggling these days). My least favorite spokesmodel (in terms of speaking & promoting) was definitely Candice because, like I've said before, she just didn't have the personality for VS. She didn't have the same confidence or outgoing-ness that Tyra and them did. I always thought she had the personality of a shy, awkward schoolgirl when she would speak, not a confident self-assured VS model. Of course she had a great body for VS, but beyond that she's quite boring as a person, and that doesn't make for a good spokesmodel for any brand. I also didn't care for Erin, Lily, Karlie and Selita as spokesmodels, as well as most of the current angels, because like Candice I just found them quite boring. Idk. I'm all about personality I guess. Having a good personality + confidence is the key to being a good spokesmodel/representative for a brand because it's how you draw people in and make them wanna buy the product & support the brand. If you don't have that, then people won't be as interested in the brand as a whole. Edit: Just found this old video of Gisele promoting a VS fragrance for men. This is the kind of confidence and outgoing personality that makes for a great spokesmodel.
  3. YES to all of this! I just hate the confusion of not knowing whether certain angels are officially gone or whether they're technically still "with" the brand. For a while I kept waiting and waiting for anything whatsoever with Behati, but there was just nothing. It was so frustrating. Eventually I just resigned myself to the fact that she probably left the brand for good. But I just wish VS or even Behati herself would've said something- anything just to make it official and erase any confusion. Same with Candice. It seems weird that neither VS nor Candice would say a single thing about her departure considering she was one of the biggest angels in the last 10 years. Idk. Im not bitter about it, but it just would've been nice to be able to officially close that chapter in VS' book instead of leaving all this room open for speculation. I guess if Candice ever changes her IG handle and removes the 'angel' part, then that might be a pretty clear confirmation lol.
  4. About the VS photos, I think its a combination of not having as big of a budget anymore as well as VS wanting to go the more natural route with their aesthetic. Its pretty clear that VS is trying to rebrand themselves with the more natural & relatable look that other brands are going for these days. So the colors and sets they're using for the photoshoots are much more relaxed and the colors are much less vibrant than they used to be. I've noticed it with the commercials too. A lot of the commercials in recent years have been way more laid-back and not as exciting and vibrant as they were years ago. Its sad because I miss how exciting and vibrant the brand used to be as a whole. A lot of the stuff is getting really boring nowadays. Idk maybe its just me. I do like some of the recent swim photos; the collabs are pretty good too. But VS is definitely not as lively as it once was.
  5. That's what I figured but I didn't know for sure. lol, thanks for clarifying. I still wish there wouldve been something for Behati. She came back for the fashion show in 2018 and everyone got all excited that she was back after 3 years, but then that was it. It was like she just left the scene after that. Maybe her coming back for one last VS show was her sort of goodbye sendoff. Either way i'll miss her. If anything i'm more surprised they didnt do anything for Candice seeing as how much VS used to push her and make her the center of everything. Oh well. They both had a good run with VS while it lasted. I guess that's what matters.
  6. You got all the current angels right. No new additions. And VS hasn't announced any angel departures since Adriana. I can't say anything about Lorena because I don't follow her. As for Behati, VS never officially announced her departure, but I've heard speculation that her contract ended in 2019. Plus, I don't think VS even uses her anymore so its pretty evident that she's no longer an angel. Its sad because Behati was one of the most popular angels in the last decade and she never got an official goodbye like Adriana or Alessandra. She was also one of my favorite angels. I wish VS would've done at least something to honor and thank her. It makes me wonder whether Candice will get an official goodbye if and when she leaves or whether she'll dip out quietly too.
  7. The only wings I remember Gisele wearing were for her show openings in 2005 and 2006. She also wore a few sets of wings in 2000, 2001 & 2002 during segments. Interestingly, she didnt wear any wings in 2003. As for Candice, I dont think the harp wings were too big for the runway or else they wouldn't have made them. I think Candice was just too short and small-framed to be able to handle them. Not everyone can handle big wings and also make it look easy at the same time. Heidi and Karolina always did really well with big wings.
  8. I was saying it because VS never officially confirmed whether or not the show was happening this year, so up until now I suspected that there could still be a chance that they do it. However, with everyone quarantining/social distancing possibly through the summer I realized that it was more than likely that they can't even get together to plan the show now, so it probably won't be happening at all. But like others have said, I can see them not bringing it back at all at this point. It's kind of a thing of the past now and I think people have moved on.
  9. Now that I think about it, I can see them not doing the fashion show this year with this whole covid-19 situation going on. Isn't it around this time of year when they start doing all the planning for the show? I watched a Youtube video once where they said they start planning the show around April, then it takes several months to get all the outfits designed & made as well as get the venue set up, not to mention the countless meetings they have during this time to make sure everything is running smoothly. But if everyone's self-isolating right now and will be for at least another month or so how can they put together a show? Just a random thought.
  10. The thing about VS pushing Candice is that she never really had that superstar quality to begin with. And I really think it had to do with her personality. Sure she was a great model for VS, but She just didnt have that wow factor in her personality to really take it to the next level. To be honest she comes across as quite boring and dull- at least from the stuff i've seen with her. I think the only people who ever really pulled for Candice were VS fans/fashion insiders. I don't think the general public really took to her, which is why she didn't become a household name like Tyra or Heidi. I think ultimately she was just too shy and reserved to really stand out and make a name for herself outside of VS. Im not trying to discredit her though, She had an amazing career with VS and no one can take that away from her. But VS definitely should've focused on other models more instead of putting all their eggs into one basket with Candice. I also agree with you about miranda, VS definitely missed a golden opportunity to promote her more because she's much more well-known and a mainstream figure. As for Doutzen I think VS just sadly pushed her to the side while they focused on Candice. It is what it is. At least Doutzen was prepared and made sure she had a good thing going for her in HF for when she left VS. She's still getting decent HF work today even as an older model.
  11. I'm forever mad that Doutzen never got a fantasy bra. Idk if it was because of her looser brand commitments or what, but she was one of the best and most popular models they ever had. VS owes her a lot.
  12. This is (partly) why I say the concept of the angels is outdated. Being an angel is no longer the sole marker of success and influence in the modeling industry like it was in Gisele's heyday- save for Naomi. Now it's about being the son or daughter of a celebrity (i.e. nepo-model), being the best friend of a celebrity (i.e. Karlie, Lily) or having a shit ton of social media followers (i.e. influencer). Hence, being an "Angel" isn't as esteemed or prominent in this new generation. Hence, it's outdated. I'm not saying I dislike the angels, though. I've loved many of them over the years. It's just like someone else said, there are no more true stars in the angel lineup. Adriana was the last one. But that's for VS to deal with lol.
  13. I think it would be interesting if they revamp the angel lineup, but if i'm being honest the whole concept of the VS angels is pretty outdated. Think about it- the angel campaign was first launched in 1997, 23 years ago. The angels were extremely popular and influential in the early 2000s because the concept was still new and fresh. It's 2020 now and the concept is pretty played out at this point. I just don't think this new generation really cares that much about the VS angels; and I certainly don't think the angels are as influential as they once were. But like someone else said above, it's kind of VS's signature thing that sets them apart from other brands. So I can see why it would be hard for them to get rid of the angels altogether. Either way, whether they decide to revamp the lineup or get rid of the angels altogether it would definitely be taking a risk.
  14. If Elsa's done then Candice definitely needs to leave. I can't think of any reason why it's still benefitting her at this point to stay other than being the resident "veteran angel." They could have had an Adriana/Alessandra 2.0 duo going on w/ Candice & Behati, but even Behati bounced. It's like Candice is just there now- but knowing VS they'll probably hold on to her for as long as they can. They also need to let go of Martha & Stella.
  15. Have they confirmed whether they're doing the fashion show this year? I guess I could see them not doing it, especially since Adriana's gone.
  16. I think the reason most people can't name any of the current angels is because there are no more true supermodels in fashion. Back in the day you had Tyra, Gisele, Naomi, Heidi & Adriana working for the brand (Naomi wasn't an angel, but still). These were true supermodels that became household names. They all had that "it" factor that only few possessed; they had huge personalities and that star quality that made them stand out from all the rest. These days, with the rise of Instagram and social media, it's like anyone can become a model. You no longer have to have the "it" factor, you just need a ton of followers. There's no one that stands out anymore because everyone is chasing after likes and trends. The whole concept of the supermodel is dead. Adriana was their last real household name; not even Candice reached her level. The current girls are pretty, but they just don't have the star quality of the previous era supers- which is why they're less known. Like you, I'm also sad for where the brand is now. They really had a great number of years and I used to really enjoy watching the fashion show, but it's just not the same anymore and we have to accept that.
  17. I've never heard any rumors about Taylor not being an angel anymore. She's one of the youngest and has one of the biggest social media followings out of all the angels. So it seems unlikely that they would downgrade her. I also think she's one of the prettiest of the current angels. Her only downfall for me is her personality- or lack thereof. She comes across as quite boring and dull and gives off basic high school cheerleader vibes. Idk that's just me. I guess she's good for VS though since it's been made pretty clear that they're targeting younger and younger customers.
  18. I agree. I think it's highly unlikely that they can turn the brand around at this point. It's just too many problems that have been building up for years and years- bad marketing, poor quality products, the MeToo movement, allegations of sexual assault, ties to an alleged sex trafficker. The list goes on and on. Plus the general public seems to have turned on them and the younger generation doesn't seem to care either. I really don't know what the new owner can do at this point to salvage the brand because it seems like even VS, themselves, have accepted that it can't be saved.
  19. Do you know when Candice's contract ends? I was wondering the same thing too. I can't see why she would still be there at this point other than waiting for her contract to run out.
  20. I really wonder if being an angel is even a coveted thing anymore. With all the negative press the brand keeps getting these days it seems like it would hurt their careers/image more than help. At this point if they're gonna have angels they should really cut it down to 4 or 5 because 15 is WAY too many and some of them are rather forgettable. Being an angel just isn't what it used to be.
  21. ^ I just checked out the VDay collection on the website and a lot of the stuff looks cheap. Thin material, predictable colors, boring designs... I'm disappointed. And side note: i'm sick of all the bondage strap things they keep putting on the bras. Like who ever thought this was a good idea? It looks tacky and cheap.
  22. Is that an American passport she's holding in the first pic???
  23. If it wasn't already over for VS, it sure is now. They've been going downhill for years, but now it's like the final nails are being drilled in the coffin. Being a VS model means absolutely nothing anymore. They had a good run, but it's over now.
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