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  1. Hello fellow BZ members!

    Its been forever since I've posted a topic in here, I'd say its a darn shame...I've been so preoccupied with other ventures I completely neglected and forgot about my bz friends and family. Well Just wanted to come back and say hello to you all! Missed you guys 8) hopefully I can start posting again at full speed haha or just hang out and chat as usual.


  2. ximena is a cute girl, but honestly this girl is a whole other species of beautiful girl haha. I really want some HQ pics so I can make some nice wallies for you guys ;)

    P.s I've got some lower resolution photos I'll post up later =) I think you will like them.

  3. Well that's a shame... I mean people not crediting you and all, also because you have to work twice as hard on every pic. I have many of your HQ's in my collection, actually I think I have almost every pic :D mostly or actually none have watermarks on them, must of been when you didn't do this process.

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