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  1. Seems like she'd have been under 18 when this was posted
  2. So, I just want to take some time to gush over Nicola a little bit. There had been previous times where I saw Nicola around Reddit but she didn't really catch my attention all that much, for some reason or another. Right now, though, I'm in a full-on binge. I suppose it can come in stages. First, I see an individual picture or two that generally looks very good, and that gets me hooked. After that, I start noticing and reflecting on individual features of hers: her eyes are gorgeous, her face is near perfection, I love her red hair, her smile is captivating, her chest is attractive to me, she has a nice jiggle in at least one video I like, she has a nice butt, her legs are also great, her overall figure is flawless... But then I realize that I've described just about every part of her, and all of the attractiveness of the individual features start getting blurred together. When I then keep looking at individual pictures, they look even better, and I start noticing those individual features in all of them, and in a sort of snowball effect, sometimes those features get even more attractive to me. At that point I'm stuck trying to articulate to myself how beautiful this woman is.
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