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  1. Some recent photos and videos from her IG.
  2. She has the best booty of a professional model by far 🤩 Thanks for the new pics!
  3. A bit weird 😶 , but I think it's not a real person, it looks more like a 3D animation figure.
  4. A pity that you are affected by these things, the truth is that as you say, leaks often discourage you from doing this type of work, but I think it is inevitable in the long run. But just as many comment, there is a lack of promotion to be able to reach these types of products, I am a great fan of Colleen and I will always be interested in seeing more of her and I had no idea of your work or that of others if not out for this leak.
  5. At the moment I could also think the same, but I understand that the appearance of her breasts can be due to the type of clothes she is wearing, swimwear or lingerie, it can also look different due to subtle changes in weight, hormonal changes, etc. In conclusion, for me nothing has been reduced or increased.
  6. It is difficult to know the real reason for her overweight, many times it is easy to judge and we do not know what is behind it. Hormonal changes, endocrinological problems, what do I know... I just hope that at least it doesn't affect her health.
  7. Without a doubt, her buttocks are much larger now, I wouldn't say ugly, but quite abundant. In the same way, a slight change in the size of her breasts is noticeable, she has always been busty but in some recent photos she is much more visible. As I said before, I don't dislike her the way she is physically now, I still see her as very beautiful, but with a few kilos less she would be fantastic. A midpoint between the black and white photos that you remembered from 2015 and now. By the way, thanks for keeping the thread active with material from this beautiful model 👍
  8. what a beauty!! Undoubtedly one of my favorite models. I'm in love with those beautiful eyes 😍 Thanks fo the adds
  9. Beautifull!!! very good find!
  10. How wonderful to see something new from Dioni!! I thought she was retired.
  11. I love this model 😍 , she has a particular touch and an incredible body. Special mention to his boobs, for me, perfect.
  12. is that a new session, or are they from an old session? I seem to have seen them before.
  13. Yes, I know those photos, I know she's done nudes, but being strict because she hasn't shown her charms well hehehe, I want "free nipples" 🙃 .
  14. This woman takes my breath away with every photo. Too bad she hasn't dared to pose nude yet, I hope one day she'll be topless 🤩
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