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  1. I don't know,.. but to me, in that one little surgical proceedure, she went from,... will you marry me and have my children?,... to,... how much for a table dance?
  2. WTF did she do??? Only pornstars go bigger on the second job! Could it be....
  3. ohbaby


    I get the feeling nobody saw the link for this vid. So here it is again. Ale's 08 Rolling Stone video shoot... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B5Q1FAV9
  4. ohbaby


    Screenshots of the Rolling Stone shoot...
  5. I'm 100% in agreement with you guys. Like I said, Adriana is the most beautiful girl ever to walk on this planet. But come on, you guys never had 2 girlfriends at the same time? I much rather dance with Ale, cuz Adriana got absolutely no rhythm. And if you can dance, you can imagine what the horizontal mombo would be like.
  6. Lets face it, Ale is looking mighty hot these days. Not to mention she has a much more desireable and playful demeanor. Look at her new shoot for Rolling Stone! Cover and vid! Super sexy! Adriana is still and will always be my #1 love, but I think she is passing her prime, where as Ale is peaking right now. And I know for a fact, there will never be another girl in my lifetime, that will look as good as Adriana does and did, in front of a camera. To me, Adriana is the most beautiful girl in history!
  7. Vid for this shoot is in the motion thread. You have to see the back of those short shorts!
  8. ohbaby


    Thanks, for the new vids guys! Has Ale ever looked better? Pictures do not do her justice. She is very photogenic, but snapshots can't capture her spirit the way film can. Her vigorous, full of life spirit and self-confidence, is just super sexy when she is playing and posing. Not to mention that body on her being animated! I uploaded the Rolling Stone shoot for all to share... megaupload
  9. Thanks, can't get enough of her shaking that thing! The links for the 2 new vids, need to be corrected though. I got them to work with a little adjustment.
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