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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the quick response!
  2. At first I thought he was Enric Puigross, but the shape of his face is different. Thanks!
  3. I'm trying to find who the female model is in these pictures with Chris Starr. I think they're all the same model. Thank you for your help!
  4. He could be the actor Sam Worthington's little brother.
  5. Brahim Lahmiri Eyes: Blue Height: 188cm/6'2" Chest: 99cm/39" Waist: 77cm/30.5"
  6. Nicolas Reitzaum Found this guy on a couple different model agency sites. Love to see more of him if you got the pics! * Height: 185.42cm / 6ft, 1in * Eyes: Blue * Hair: Light Brown
  7. William Ponzetti height - 6,1 1/2 chest - 38 waist - 32 1/2 hips - 38 1/2 shoes - 10 eyes - blue hair - brown
  8. I saw the movie Undertow (Contracorriente) at the Chicago Latino Film Festival tonight, and was lucky enough to see this actor in action. I thought if he didn't have a thread up here, then he needed to have one. Biography for Manolo Cardona More at IMDbPro » advertisement Date of Birth 25 April 1977, Popayan, Cauca, Colombia Birth Name Manuel Julián Cardona Molano Actor: * 2000s * 1990s 1. "Sin tetas no hay paraíso" .... Martín La Roca (15 episodes, 2009) - Expiación (2009) TV episode .... Martín La Roca - El corazón de las tinieblas (2009) TV episode .... Martín La Roca - Última noche en la tierra (2009) TV episode .... Martín La Roca - Segundas oportunidades (2009) TV episode .... Martín La Roca - Luces negras en el horizonte (2009) TV episode .... Martín La Roca (10 more) 2. Contracorriente (2009) .... Santiago ... aka "Undertow" - International (English title) 3. La última muerte (2009) .... David 4. "Tiempo final" .... Pablo (1 episode, 2008) - La entrega (2008) TV episode .... Pablo 5. Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008) .... Sam Cortez 6. "El cartel de los sapos" (2008) TV series .... Martín (unknown episodes) 7. "Marina" .... Ricardo Alarcón Morales #2 (1 episode, 2006) - Episode #1.1 (2006) TV episode .... Ricardo Alarcón Morales #2 8. La mujer de mi hermano (2005) .... Gonzalo ... aka "My Brother's Wife" - Philippines (English title) 9. Rosario Tijeras (2005) .... Emilio 10. "Gitanas" (2004) TV series .... Sebastián Domínguez 11. "Ladrón de corazones" (2003) TV series .... Gustavo Velasco 12. "Amor a Mil" (2001) TV series .... Jhon Hector Afanador 13. "¿Por qué diablos?" (1999) TV series .... Juan 'Diablo' Cantor (Young) 14. "Carolina Barrantes" (1998) TV series 15. "Padres e hijos" (1992) TV series .... Nicolas Franco (1995-1998) Self: 1. "Pasapalabra" .... Himself (6 episodes, 2009) - Episode dated 28 December 2009 (2009) TV episode .... Himself - Episode dated 27 December 2009 (2009) TV episode .... Himself - Episode dated 23 November 2009 (2009) TV episode .... Himself - Episode dated 4 July 2009 (2009) TV episode .... Himself - Episode dated 3 July 2009 (2009) TV episode .... Himself (1 more) 2. XI Gala de los Premios Anuales de la Academia de Televisión (2009) (TV) .... Himself 3. Los 50 más bellos de People en Español (2005) (TV) .... Himself 4. 2004 Billboard Latin Music Awards (2004) (TV) .... Himself 5. Las 25 bellezas de People en Español (2003) (TV) .... Himself - Host
  9. Did anyone visiting this forum and looking at this thread actually watch Crank 2 for the plot?
  10. I did see that commercial! Twice on television. I spent the rest of that week leading up to Father's day, ready with the DVR every time I watched television, and you know, I never did catch it again.
  11. I was shopping today and noticed Josh Wald on the in-store signage for Johnston & Murphy. And, he's also in their catalog and on their website.
  12. So, I was at the gym the other day and there was a baseball game on. One of the commercials was a Coors commercial, and I would've bet cold cash that Josh Wald was in it...either that, or he has a doppelganger running around. (Muses on that idea a moment...*sigh*...sorry, where was I?) I searched the net, hoping I could find that same commercial, but no luck. It was just a straight-laced commercial--no comedy stuff, but just people sitting around a table drinking Coors. Anyone hear if Josh is doing live-action commercials now, or were my eyes playing tricks on me? I know he's doing music, but this would be a new and exciting development if he was doing commercials.
  13. (I'm surprised he didn't have a topic yet, so I thought I'd create one. ) Will Kemp Biography: (Source: IMDB) Will Kemp comes from an English family, including one brother and one sister. His father is a graphic designer and his mother is a former model. At age 9, Will's mother suggested that he take up a new hobby and attend dance classes. Dancing turned out to be his God-given talent! Eventually, hard work with Elizabeth Harrison FISTD earned Will a place into the Royal Ballet Seniors and later the Royal Ballet Upper Class. Finally, at age 17, Will auditioned for Matthew Bourne's impressive dance company, Adventures in Motion Pictures (AMP), and was accepted. Will then was cast for the original showing of Swan Lake, working his way up to the lead role of the Swan. During a performance as the Swan, Will was spotted by Paramount Studio head, Sherry Lansing - immediately, she "was so smitten by his performance" that she dubbed him the "James Dean of Ballet". Matthew Bourne continued to involve Will in his works, including Cinderella, Spitfire, The Car Man, and Play Without Words. In fact, as the lead role of the Pilot in Cinderella, he was nominated for a Los Angeles Critics Drama Award for Outstanding Featured Performer. In 2002, Will became a sensational hit when shakin' his booty in a GAP campaign for loose-fitted jeans "For Every Generation". In 2004, Will made his big screen debut in 'Stephen Sommer''s monster thriller, Van Helsing (2004), as the Werewolf. Up next is Renny Harlin's Mindhunters (2004), where Will plays an FBI trainee trying to solve a mock crime. As we look forward to seeing Will on the silver screen, he still pursues his dancing career onstage in England, managing both dancing and acting. Date of Birth 29 June 1977, Hertfordshire, England, UK Birth Name William Kemp Nickname James Dean of Ballet Height 5' 11" (1.80 m) Spouse Gaby Jamieson (31 December 2002 - present) 1 child Credits: Actor: 1. Ny-Lon (2009) (TV) (post-production) .... Michael 2. "New Tricks" .... James Strickland (1 episode, 2008) - Final Curtain (2008) TV episode .... James Strickland 3. Step Up 2: The Streets (2008) .... Blake Collins 4. Miguel y William (2007) .... Shakespeare ... aka Miguel and William (USA) 5. Pinocchio (2006) (TV) .... Stromboli 6. Van Helsing (2004) (VG) (voice) .... Velkan / The Wolf Man 7. Van Helsing (2004) .... Velkan ... aka Van Helsing (Czech Republic) 8. Mindhunters (2004) .... Rafe Perry ... aka Mindhunters (Finland) 9. The Car Man (2001) (TV) .... Angelo ... aka The Car Man: An Auto-Erotic Thriller (UK: long title) 10. Swan Lake (1996) (TV) (as William Kemp) .... Various
  14. I know the woman in the ad is Anja Rubik (not shown in this pic), but who is the guy? http://frillr.com/files/images/Anja%20Rubi...gn2.preview.jpg Please do not hotlink - edited by Persuazn
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